What a Team-Based Salon means and why it matters

If you’ve been to the salon you have probably heard someone there talking about how we are a team based salon. Well, that sounds cool and fancy but you’re probably wondering what it means. Especially what it means for you, the client. Being a team based salon means a few different things, first and foremost as the the term suggests, we are a team. Working together as a team creates a different atmosphere from many other salons. Working together as a team means that when one stylist needs help, our other stylists are there to help. That may mean you have two people putting on your touch up or talking to you during your consultation, so when it happens, own it-because you know that's how celebrities roll. So consider us your entourage, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to feel like a celebrity from time to time.

Another rad aspect of being a team based salon is that it equals more flexibility for you- the client. The stylists at our salon trust each other and they will even suggest other stylists for you to see if they are busy. Guests can feel free to try as many stylists as they want without any repercussions; you never have to worry about feeling guilty for seeing another stylist-we promise!

All of our stylists are extremely talented and versatile, but they are not all the exact same. Just like every person bakes a cake differently, every stylist has their own unique flair. So try as many pieces of cake as you want because they are all delicious and you will probably find that you like several different pieces. We will always strive to line you up with a stylist that matches your skill requirements and personality, if you feel there is a mismatch, we have other skilled stylists to fit your needs!

Basically, being a team based salon relieves the pressure many people have felt in other salons.  Our stylists are not paid a commission of sales and services, so when they are suggesting products or services based on your hair goals, it is not for their immediate personal financial gain but for the benefit of your hair. You can also rest assured that our stylists are not on an island.  They have access to many tools and a team that is ready to help make sure trust is established and decisions that are made will be in the best interest of your hair. There are many times there will be 2-3 people helping on a consultation, color application, shampoo, blow dry, toning, etc. That’s a benefit not only for you the client but the stylists we employ feel that the security and help makes their job easier!  

From a stylists perspective, a team based salon can be a great place to be.  We are not saying it’s for everyone and that it’s the only way, but we believe in being a team that works together to make the salon great, make each other great and bring a high level of professional service to clients.

A team based salon brings stability in the schedule of the stylists but in their paychecks.  They can plan on their pay each month and when people cancel last minute or no show they are still paid for that time.  That mentality though is NOT an invitation to do those things. They are big no-no’s, no matter the stylist, their time should be respected, plan ahead and value the stylists time!  But many times, when cancellations or no shows happen, the front desk works quickly to fill that spot so the stylist can focus on other aspects of their job, which transitions us to another benefit of a team based salon…

The front desk or customer service team.  A front desk assists the stylists in scheduling clients, setting a pending list (which is a great way to have the option of coming in earlier when something opens up and we highly suggest utilizing the pending - or waiting- list).  The front desk also reminds clients of their appointments and makes changes to the schedule if the stylist is sick.

The salon as a whole provides all the color, styling products, and some tools and marketing for the stylists at no cost to them.

These benefits help the stylists enjoy their time with their families and lives away from the salon.  They have the security of knowing other people are working for them to make their career a successful one without having to do all that work (which can be extremely taxing on a stylists time) because think about it a stylist that works 8-10 hours a day doing hair, then goes home, texts/calls clients asking for appointments and reminding them, then needs to post pictures of their work regularly; and if they are on top of their game, interacting with other pictures on instagram to grow themselves and add value to the hair community in some is a great deal of pressure and a major reason stylists stop doing hair after 5 years or just do it as a hobby not as a career.  Our stylists are aiming for a career and alleviating that burden is our pleasure and the stylists at Hair-Do appreciate it!

The last couple benefits they enjoy is support by having a team around them as we have pointed out already in this post and continuous hands-on education.  If they are having a rough day, there is a group of people that band together to help ease that burden. The education is required at the salon, and this is not your typical education, where it’s only a couple times a year, or just watching videos or watching someone do hair.  The best way to learn a skill and improve is by getting your hands dirty and putting in the hard work. The education is required, comes at no expense to the stylists and is provided at the minimum once a month. Suzanne is the main point of education, and she is meticulous in helping people better themselves, but we have hand on education from Bumble and Bumble, Schwarzkopf, Paul Mitchell, and any visiting stylists throughout each year.  That is the basics of their education, but you will always see stylists helping each other out on a daily basis. Continuous education/training/practice is crucial to a stylist. If athletes, actors, nurses, artists needs to continuously practice and make tweaks, so it is with stylists. The minute stylists think they have arrived and stop investing the time and money, they fall behind and skills dip. We have stylists that are hungry to be better, remain humble and work hard at being better and helping others be better.

Thank you for sticking through this post!  We are grateful for your attention we can only hope if you are looking for a new salon you will give us a try.  If you have been to hair-do and it has been a long time, we hope you will give us another shot to earn your trust and show you how we have changed in our mindset and skill.  We would love to hear in the comments experiences good or not-so-good at hair-do, and you can even include those sentiments if you go to another salon and we will be more than happy to help you navigate those questions or concerns!  Thank you Thank you!

~Written by Brandi Webb and Paulsen J. Healey