"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn"

~ Benjamin Franklin


We value learning.  Professional hairstylists deserve intimate education where they can practice and commit to memory new skills.  

We love hands on education and feel it is the best way to learn. We keep our class sizes small so we have a good student to teacher ratio. We have been a hands on teaching salon since 2001 and we have multiple educators on staff as well as many stylists who are masters in their craft. We'd love the opportunity to work with you.


Salon Owner & Educator


My name is Suzanne Bell and I am the owner of Hair-Do Salon in Mesa Arizona. I was born and raised in Southern California where I come from of a large family that is inundated with hairdressers, and I love it!  I was a stylist in California for 9 years before moving to Arizona in 1994. I have been a single mom to 2 amazing daughters since 1996 and have enjoyed a very lucrative career in this industry. I opened Hair-Do Salon in 2001 after 16 years of working in miscellaneous salons. While some of the experiences I had at other salons were positive, there were a lot of negatives. Aside from the obvious drama and gossip that seem to go along with this industry, I noticed the need for ongoing education. So many stylists had become stagnate in their skills, and that problem hasn’t changed. If anything, it may have gotten worse. I also noticed that most stylists in the salons where I worked would gravitate to asking me for help and/or advice. I have been greatly blessed with a natural ability to do hair and fellow stylists recognized this ability, so I’ve been lucky enough to share my knowledge for over 30 years now. For the last 20 years I have taken on 2-3 assistants per year and taught them everything I know. I have personally trained over 35 stylists who have gone on to have amazing careers.

In 2015 I was involved in a car accident that ended my career behind the chair but it opened up a new chapter in my life that has offered me the opportunity to focus wholly on education. For the last couple years I have focused mainly on teaching and training the stylists in my salon, but I realize there is a need for quality education in this industry outside my little salon, so I have decided to offer classes to other stylists. When I lived in California there was a good amount of outside educational opportunities that I could take advantage of, but since moving to Arizona I have found that I have to travel to other states to get the extra education I want. And I am a total education junkie! I will pay good money if I am confident that the class will benefit me. I have been to a lot of academies and taken so many classes. Just to name a few, Bumble and Bumble Academy, TIGI Academy, Ramirez Trans Academy, Tracey Cunningham, PM The Gathering, Great Lengths Academy, Natural Beaded Rows…. I was even a color educator for Schwarzkopf for awhile. I LOVE EDUCATION and I love this industry. It’s the best career in the world and I love that trends are always changing, forcing us to continue to learn.

All the education we offer here is hands-on.  Our education is not a show, we don’t teach Instagram filtering, it’s not a watch and try to remember class; I truly believe that the best way to retain what you learn is to get your hands in there and do it yourself.  Athletes, actors, doctors, nurses and many other professions need to put the time in to improve their craft, and it’s no different for us! I love this industry and I want to see it elevated so it receives the respect it deserves. Hairstylists work hard, we have fun, and the world is a more beautiful place because we exist, so it’s incredibly important that we are as amazing as possible!  I will help you with that!


This is a picture from our Daddy Daughter Date Night where we taught dads how to do their daughter's hair. 

This is a picture from our Daddy Daughter Date Night where we taught dads how to do their daughter's hair. 

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Once you stop moving forward, you start falling behind....

Once you stop moving forward, you start falling behind....

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